As a professional athlete, or entertainment industry professional or talent, you need advisors that understand both your industry, and your personal needs, risks and goals. At Highlander Wealth, we specialize in working with athletes and entertainers. We have the tools to assist you in navigating the risks you face and accomplishing your financial and life goals.

The specific experience, skills and services we provide include:

Our management team. Desmond Clark brings ten years of experience as a veteran NFL player and music industry participant. Desmond has detailed knowledge of the specific needs and issues brought on by careers in the sports and entertainment industries. Stephen Erwin is an attorney and Chairman of the Colorado Bar Association Section on Entertainment and Sports law. In his nearly twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry Steve has worked as a recording engineer and artist manager as well as legal counsel for business and wealth services clients. Solomon Halpern & Jesse Grimes bring years of experience providing investment management, business advising & client services to wealthy families and institutional investors.

Our team understands the unique risks common amongst sports and entertainment industry clients. Variability and security of income, cash flow, business ventures and service needs are extremely important factors in your life.

Transparency and security of your accounts. As a Highlander Wealth client you can access and independently verify the status and holdings of our brokerage accounts 24-hours a day online or with an independent brokerage account representative.

Our understanding of the sports and entertainment worlds. Our team can effectively work with business managers, agents, family and spouses, accountants, PR pros and other advisors you may have. We work with you and your other advisors to evaluate business opportunities, assist in building post entertainment career income streams, and manage the various risks athletes and entertainers face. We know how to instill collaboration among advisors instead of getting in the way or duplicating efforts.

Opportunities to reach new levels of success. We provide a network of other like-minded professionals which you can utilize to enhance your professional career. Whether it’s expanding your industry contacts, cross-networking between the sports and entertainment industries, or providing other professionals that can assist you, we are here to help you succeed.


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